Thursday, January 29, 2009

Cool from A to Z

Altruistic BRAVE Cynical DynAmic Explorer Family
Green Humane
Joker KNOWING Loveable Mysterious
New Outsider Practical

Rough Selfless Truthful

Vigor Witty
Yin and Yang


  1. Wow! What a fun post! I loved your alphabetical and colorful definition of cool.

  2. Pretty! Haha, Xylopia...the alphabet was very creative. All the words and pictures you used are visually stimulating as well as meaningful--I don't see anything uncool about it, Sebourn the Magnificent! Not that anything you do can ever run the risk of being anything short of brilliant.

  3. I'm curious. How are altruism and selflessness cool to you? It seems like it would fall in between dissidence (depending on the situation) and transcendence. Where do altruism and selflessness fall?

  4. My personal definition of cool doesn't necessarily agree with the "cool continuum" we discussed in class, but if you look at the words in that respect, everyone might not think they fit with either end of the spectrum. However, now that I think about it more, I would say someone who is truly altruistic or selfless would be a good example of transcendent cool because they have truly devoted themselves to something that they believe to be right. Much like some devote themselves to an art or even a study, someone who tries to live a selfless life for other could also be considered transcendent for embracing their passion and rising above the norm.